Contemporary Ecological Design

A Sustantable Urban Fabric Concept

by Gary Clark


The 21st century has begun with the growing realisation across society that our way of life cannot be sustained and that we are permanently altering the earth's ecosystems, and its ability to support us.

There is much evidence that spells out what we are doing and its impact on the earth. But this web page is devoted to the discovery of workable sustainable solutions, rather than adding to the endless debate of the problems.

The key to finding solutions is that a contemporary ecological environment should not alter our current quality of life, and expectations of the wider society. But rather build on the best examples of contemporary planning and architecture to be more inclusive of sound ecological principles.

Contemporary ecological design does not and should not mean hardship and abstinence. It should be seen as a way of enriching our life with a closer relationship with natural systems, whilst making polluting and waste avoidance easy and part of our everyday life.

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